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Payment Methods

Global Pandemic Grants FB Loyalty Proramme has vaious options of transferring your winning to you even if you cannot come in person to claim your winning from our pay centers. We make payments to our approved winners through these listed options:- Cheque, ATM Card, Bank Transfer (Telegraphic wire transfer). We're putting more effort to make sure all our winners receives their approved Payments despite the challenges we've been faced with. Complaint's has been on the rise from our winners concerning the disbursement facilities which has made them loose trust in the pursuit of their Claims. Following the ongoing reports, The Facebook Executives has partnered with Haymars Global Financial experts & Portfolio Managment Group to handle the payment disbursement to our approved winners With a professional directives, initiating payments to our winners through different payment options that is most suitable and easy with the entities Country Policies. If you receive winning notification from Facebook, that does not qualify you a winner until your certificate of winning is confirmed and sent to you. Your certificate is what will warrant you as a legitimate winner of Global Pandemic Grants FB Loyalty Proramme.

Payment Through Certified Cheque

You can receive your winning through cheque. Email the Facebook Financial Department with a Cheque Payment Request to enable them notify Haymars Global Financial experts for immediate processing of your Cheque. This Cheque will be delivered to you through Courier Service of your choice. The procedures will be explained to you by the Haymars Global Financial experts.

Payment Through ATM CARD

If you prefer to receive your won money by ATM CARD, all you are required to do is to inform the Chief Financial Officer after your winning is confirmed so that he will direct and guide you on what to do. Our paying Bank will process your ATM Card and deliver it to you.

Payment through Telegraphic Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer)

You can receive your won money through Telegraphic Wire transfer which is Bank to Bank transfer, if you prefer to receive your approved payment by Telegraphic Wire transfer, You must contact our fiduciary Officer who will guide you on how to communicate with Haymars Global Financial experts for directives for receiving your approved fund.

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